Marla Singer – Ethereal 004

After releasing ‘Ethereal 002’ through Static in November, Marla Singer follows up a month later with another iteration of his hypnotic and pulsing sound – ‘Ethereal 004’.

This latest cut is bursting at the seams with atmosphere; there are high pitched bell sounding synths to open, and as we descend further into the depths of Marla Singer’s mind, the light airy sounding synths give way to a pounding kick drum and an almost alarm-like offbeat hit. The suspense is turned up a notch as dissonant synth lines swell and eventually an acid line is introduced, becoming the main motif for the remainder of the track. There are multiple layers and elements in ‘Ethereal 004′, and each ebbs and flows in and out of focus, creating a drifting and atmospheric accompaniment to Singer’s driving percussive Techno.

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